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CYC Sail Fleet



Our sail fleets are proud to host national championships, junior regattas and weekly sail races. The Club has hosted regional, national and world championship yachting events in which our yachtsmen have excelled. Our members have participated in national and international regattas, making the CYC burgee recognized throughout the world.

During the past century, CYC has served as a leader in the sport of yachting. The Club was responsible for the organization of the Inter-Lake Yachting Association (ILYA) and the Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes. It also played a leading role in creating the North American Yachting Racing Union, now known as US Sailing.


  • Sailor of the Year - Brady Starck
  • Crew of the Year - Tom Burant
  • Little Brown Jug - Not Awarded
  • John W. Mueller Memorial - Not Awarded
  • Rita Wilber Volunteer of the Year - Not Awarded

September 21 & 22, 2024

The F. W. Roberts Trophy was hand-gifted by Commodore F. W. Roberts to the Cleveland Yachting Club in 1930 and is awarded to the winner of the PHRF fleet in the annual race. The F. W. Roberts Memorial, which was gifted to the Cleveland Yachting Club in memoriam of the late F. W. Roberts, has been awarded to the winner of the auxiliary fleet in the race.